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Who is Sesampoort

Sesampoort is a company that produces a barred gate that opens vertically. It is a gate that allows you to close off a large passageway, needing only little space when it is opened vertically.

verticaal openende spijlenpoort genaamd Sesampoort - over ons

Founded in


From automating sliding and swing gates, Willy Thijssen started developing the vertically opening barred gate in the year 2007. It got its name from the story Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers where the spell “Sesame Open” appears. The name Sesame Gate was born.

Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - montage


In our workshop, we will assemble the Sesame Gate as completely as possible and equip it with all additional options.

A new partner joined

Mark Swinkels left the agricultural sector, where he also dealt with engineering, and has been involved with Sesame Gate since 2020. Together they construct the gates in the workshop according to the customer’s wishes. As soon as the Sesame Gates are constructed, they will be adjusted and tested before transport.

realisaties van verticale sesampoorten

Do you want to know more about us?

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