Sesame Gate

The vertical entrance gate

Compact gate
for any location

The Sesame Gate is the first vertical gate, these gates are space-saving and also, for example, ideal for inclined slopes. These gates can be widely used for fencing your business premises or private property.

Sesampoort - bedrijfspoort - verticale poort - spijlen

Not enough space for a swing or sliding gate?

Choose Sesame Gate

A Sesame Gate is a barred gate that opens vertically. When opened in vertical position, this gate requires only 70 centimetres of space.

This makes our gate a good alternative to a swing gate and sliding gate. The gate is designed for daily intensive use and offers an elegant entrance to your premises.

Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - veiligheid

Safety first

When developing our gate, safety was our main priority, and of course our gate is CE marked guaranteeing complete safety.

Sesampoort - bedrijfspoort - verticale poort - open

The surprising
way of opening

The gate not only offers an elegant entrance but is above all a solution in case of lack of space. In its open vertical position, only 70cm of space is required for the gate. A single Sesame Gate can close a passage of up to 10 metres, and a double gate up to 20 metres. The height of the bars is optional from 1.50 metres to 3.00 metres.

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