Advantages of a Sesame Gate?

Advantages Sesame Gate

The Sesame Gate not only offers an elegant entrance, but also has many other advantages. For example, it can be used when there is not enough space for a swing or sliding gate.

  • Little space when opened vertically 70cm.
  • Can be placed between two buildings.
  • Can be placed on an inclined driveway or exit ramp.
  • Can be placed over an obstacle such as an island or railway tracks.
  • Can still be opened in case of heavy snowfall.
  • Only wired on one side.
Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen
Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen - mogelijkheden

The possibilities

When it is open, the Sesame Gate is a sleek eye-catcher, especially when fitted with, for example, your corporate colours and logo or other texts.

  • Colours:
    – Galvanised
    – Standard RAL colours
  • Bars:
    – Flat bars
    – Curved bars
    – Pointed bars
    – Wooden bars
    – Dense with wood or metal
    – Other possibilities in consultation
  • Text on the Sesame Gate:
    – Logo or company name visible in vertical position.
  • Lighting:
    – It is possible to mount LED lighting under the main beam.


In the development of the Sesame Gate, safety was our main priority, and of course the Sesame Gate is CE marked, guaranteeing safety.

The walk-in safety is secured with the BEA laser scanner. This laser scanner offers an accurate and flexible sensor system covering large areas to avoid contact between the Sesame Gate and the vehicle and/or pedestrians while the Sesame Gate is in motion. Gates | BEA Europe (

Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen - veiligheid
Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen - montage


In our workshop, we will assemble the Sesame Gate as completely as possible and equip it with all additional options.

The advantages of this approach are that we can quickly install the gate at the desired location and that your passage is blocked for the shortest possible time.


The new Sesame Gate will be transported in its entirety. Sesame gate has a specially built trailer for this purpose. When the new Sesame Gate is transported by a carrier, it will be neatly packed to avoid damage.

Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen transport
Sesampoort - Poorten - verticale bedrijfspoort - voordelen mobiele sesampoort

The mobile Sesame Gate

We can provide your event, building site or temporary passage with a mobile Sesame Gate.

This mobile Sesame Gate can close off a 5-metre passage. The mobile Sesame Gate is mounted on a weighted steel plate. It can be moved in its entirety with a forklift or shovel.